Truly grateful.

By Fred Shamlian on November 26, 2015 in Blog

This Thanksgiving, I’d like to share a discovery – the answer to a question which has been eluding me years.

As the marketing team for The Carriage Homes at Haverford Reserve, the Shamlian Creative team has come to know many of the residents. We’ve visited their homes, hiked with them through the nature preserve, and enjoyed some wonderful parties. Equally striking is their closeness with the developer and builder. I believe that David Mercuris of The Goldenberg Group, developers of the Reserve, knows every resident. And Brad Guidi of Guidi Homes plays golf and has dinner with many of the couples whose homes his family has designed and built.

For years I’ve asked, how is it that in a community barely five years old, so many of the neighbors have become close friends? Carriage Home owners walk their dogs together, enjoy barbecues and parties and a thriving book club, play music together, see shows together, even travel together.

Even the residents are amazed. How do you account for so many people becoming friends so quickly?

Certainly, living in a 120 acre nature preserve in the heart of the Main Line is a privileged experience, at once peaceful and invigorating. Maybe living together in such a serene and beautiful neighborhood puts everyone at ease? Perhaps living in a home designed and custom built just for you opens the door to share your happiness. Or maybe a life free of exterior maintenance frees you to enjoy life – and your neighbors.

Recently, as I was interviewing the residents for a new video, I found my answer. In every conversation, the Carriage Home owners expressed sincere appreciation for all of the gifts they enjoy: for incredible sunsets over the woods, for homes their families love to come home to, for the miles of trails through the nature preserve. And most of all, for each other.

Here’s what became clear to me: when so many people bring so much appreciation to each day, that gratitude lifts everyone’s spirits. Their appreciation is like the sun. It lights up the space like a summer day. And when an entire community shares a deep sense of gratitude and well-being, friendships flow easily.

This Thanksgiving, Shamlian Creative is truly grateful for a client so committed to creating true community, and thankful to be a part of such a good and gracious group of friends. To express our gratitude, we’ve selected 25 items from my personal treasure trove of vintage stuff, and are offering them to you as holiday gifts at the fabulous Haverford Reserve Holiday Bazaar.

On Sunday, December 6 from noon to 4, the gorgeous new Carriage Home at 129 Green Lane will be decorated to welcome you, and priced to delight you. And as you contemplate a new home – and wonderful new neighbors – for the holidays, you can choose from some very cool one-of-a-kind gifts. All proceeds support Setting Scoliosis Straight, a foundation that’s making important strides. You can see the first ten items for sale now at the Haverford Reserve Facebook page. See you December 6!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Fred Shamlian

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