Interns love us.

So much heart and dedication come out of this agency. Working alongside Fred and Josh to produce designs I could add to my portfolio made my first internship so rewarding. Thanks for so many valuable lessons that I will never forget.

Brittani D. / Temple University, Advertising / Art Direction

I was offered the position!! Thank you sooo much for all of your guidance and support through all of this!! You have no idea how much my internship with Shamlian Advertising has meant to me!

Dara N. / Philadelphia University, Marketing & Graphic Design

Every aspect of my Shamlian Advertising experience ­– every challenge, every opportunity, and everyone – has been wonderful.

Avi A. / University of Delaware, Economics/History

You taught me more about marketing than I could ever learn in a class. You always incorporated an impressive set of values, and doing so always resulted in superior work. You changed the way I understand business. Thanks for a fantastic experience.

Jeremy E. / University of Pennsylvania, Economics & Psychology

An amazing summer! I could not have asked for more in an internship. You gave me the chance to run an office and develop my talents in many areas. I made great friends and had a wonderful time. Your leadership, talent and generosity are truly astonishing.

Peter D. / Loyola, Marketing

“You treated me with respect and kindness that few people ever know. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making my internship so wonderful and so much fun.”

Gina M. / University of Delaware, Communications

“The talent in this place is pretty inspiring, yet you were all so patient and generous with your time. This summer was filled with lessons and opportunities I doubt I could have experienced anywhere else. It meant the world to me.”

Chris S. / Tyler School of Art, Graphic Design & Illustration

“Your kindness and training were beyond expectation! I learned such a lot. I sure miss the Shamlian team, but my new design job is just wonderful! Thank you so much!!!”

Hongming W. / Art Institute of Phila, Graphic Design

“I’m in LA working for AMC and WE TV in ad sales! Thank you all so much for your help, for the wonderful time I had with Shamlian, and for all of the incredible advice, wisdom and opportunities!”

Erica G. / Univ of PA, Communications

“You went out of your way to make sure I learned. I was a part of the team. I was treated with respect. You listened to my ideas. You gave me confidence in my abilities as a designer and illustrator…. I worked with designers, sat in on client calls, and learned first-hand how a studio works. And I gained a vast amount of knowledge and skills in Photoshop and other programs.”

Dan F. / Temple University, illustration

“Thank you for mailing the Theater Company ads and playbills that used my illustrations. They look wonderful! What a pleasure to be a part of something that was so big a chapter in my life – and the beginning of my career as an Illustrator.”

Gloria M. / Temple University, Graphic Design

“The group creative sessions where we could collaborate and bounce ideas off each other really expanded my perspective. Getting to work through multiple stages in the advertising and design process taught me so much about design, marketing, customer relations, teamwork, risk-taking, and the importance of identifying one’s strengths.”

Fonda C. / U of Penn, English

“I learned how to organize a promotional campaign, interact with radio stations, and I improved my Photoshop and HTML skills. I especially liked focusing on just a few large projects. They felt like “my own.””

Lauren F. / U of Delaware, Communications & Public Relations

“I am so glad I had you guys for my first internship. Josh, I loved your cool attitude and silly jokes. Lindy, thanks so much for the lovely desserts and motherly warmth. This internship was the right stepping stone for me in every sense.”

Jaiti S. / Temple U, Graphic Design

“Thank you for all of the new things I learned every day. You taught me to sell my ideas with a confidence that commands attention. I really took to heart the lessons about our professional and personal growth.”

Khoi N. / Temple University, Advertising / Art Direction

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