• Though still young, the campaign has already generated many calls from prospective clients.
  • Click-through rates for the emails and banner ads are running well above the national average.

What’s Your Luxury?

Selling expensive homes to the affluent is a straightforward affair. However, for The Sivel Group’s mix of mid-market and upscale clients, we gave the story a fresh twist: namely, that every buyer has their own idea of luxury (and The Sivel Group is uniquely qualified to help them find it).

Service, the True Measure of Luxury

To integrate the luxury message with the “Move Smarter” slogan, we presented The Sivel Group’s professionalism and personal service as the epitome of luxury. We also deepened their familiar blue color and added gold details. The new luxury banner ads retain the design template of the current Sivel Group campaign, only now with a richer look and feel.

The multi-channel “Luxury” campaign includes print & banner ads, emails, a landing page, postcards, publicity and social media. To make the print ads more effective, we included multiple homes for sale, and retouched each image to achieve a uniform and distinctive look.

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