Tuckers Tavern Brand Identity


  • Awarded the 2015 Graphis Silver Design Award for logo design
  • Extended the brand into menu designs, t-shirts, ads, mailers, landing pages and a forthcoming website)
  • Worked collaboratively with interior designer and sign makers to implement the overall brand strategy

For 20 years, Tucker’s was a favorite watering hole on Long Beach Island. Then hurricane Sandy hit. The restaurant and bar was shuttered.

Restaurateur Marty Grims came to the rescue. True to his passion, he made it better, adding a raw bar, a new dining room, a treasure trove of vintage nautical decor, and a new name: Tuckers Tavern.

Marty shared his vision of “a classic American tavern with a touch of British pub, as weathered and comfortable as a well-worn shoe.” He requested a logo design that was broadly appealing-rustic and unadorned, as if the restaurant has been around forever. Then Marty presented his two favorite design inspirations: simple, unadorned type…and these wild, flamboyant 3D letters.

To bridge that sizable style gap, we hit upon antique wooden printers type. Vintage woodblock letters are dimensional and flavorful, yet simple and well-worn – a perfect expression of Tucker’s masculine style.

Next, we assembled a royalty-free photo library of vintage letters, which we used to composite our initial designs in varied fonts and sizes. The design really came to life when we introduced a atmospheric antique type box to frame the letters. For the final logo, we composited each photographic element in Photoshop, created several woodblock letters from scratch (to get the fonts just right), then finessed each letter’s hue and lighting to our heart’s content.

Shamlian’s complete graphic suite for Tuckers Tavern includes signage, menus, business cards, ads, t-shirts, mailers, a landing page (and soon, a new website). To produce wide-ranging solutions that feel like a family of designs, we continued to use weathered wooden surfaces in various printed pieces, and designed a series of menus that look printed with woodblock type.

We’re especially proud to have won a Graphis International Design Award for a local tavern. Marty is pretty thrilled, too.

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