It’s not everyday you get to support the exploration and conservation of the world’s greatest cultural, historical and natural resources. We were thrilled to be a part of this project.

MasterCard Series for Chase Bank

Our challenge was to design a favorite card for every National Geographic cardmember. First, we carefully selected images from a portfolio of the Society’s most popular animals, places and themes. Then, we faced the second challenge: how to insert Chase’s logo into the planet’s most respected photos?

Our solution: we envisioned two complementary sets working as a single series. In set one, the Chase logo is subtly inserted into sweeping photos. In set two, Chase’s octagon logo frames the subjects so vividly, they seem to interact.

This sensitive approach to both the images and branding objectives produced a balance which satisfied both partners. The fusion continues in the print campaign, which balances the card’s key features with a bold expression of the National Geographic brand.

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