When the storied sailing ship Moshulu was transformed into a 4-star restaurant on Penn’s Landing, proprietor Marty Grims wanted an identity that would capture the imagination and launch a new Philadelphia landmark.

Branding The Moshulu: “Be Transported”

The pursuit of a beautiful photorealistic mermaid began with finding our model, reserving a hotel pool for the photo shoot – even rigging special tubing to mist water on the model’s back. For her grace and patience, we are forever grateful.

With several hundred photos in hand, we began compositing our mermaid. Refining the shape and translucency of the tail and scales took several days, but when completed, the final image closely matched our sketches. The successful launch campaign featured our mermaid and highlighted the ship as a must-see destination for lunch and dinner. The following year, live mermaids were stationed at center city locales on Friday afternoons to entice city residents to ride the free shuttle bus to the Moshulu.

Today the Moshulu is a Philadelphia landmark – and the city’s premier waterfront dining experience.

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