The Kaiserman Company owns and manages more than 3 million sq ft
of residential, office and commercial
real estate in Greater Philadelphia.

Shamlian Creative directed marketing and media strategy for Kaiserman’s three major apartment properties, and for select commercial buildings. Beginning in 2002, monthly spreadsheets tracked visitors, rentals and conversion rates for each medium and campaign. Online resources were weighted based on page views, unique visitors,
phone leads and weblink clicks.

Shamlian identified the “Top 5” media for each property, then continued to optimize ad size, scheduling and placement. By 2010, we had increased traffic and cut media spending so significantly, we gave Kaiserman the confidence
to manage the program themselves.


Developed a distinctive USP & Brand Strategy
for each property and campaign.

We interviewed dozens of tenants and sales staff to better understand the key attractions of each property.

Led the Migration to Online Marketing,
boosting traffic while cutting media costs.

Strengthened Tenant Referral Programs

Once research identified referrals from residents as a major driver of new leases, we refined the incentive program, and expanded outreach to tenants via mail, email and social events.

Re-designed the Radwyn Sales Office

Referral Program for Philadelphia Employers

Social Strategy for the Claridge
integrated all 3 apartment properties.

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