Co-Branding a Credit Card • Good Sam Club & Camping World

Ask me to sum up RV life in a few words, and I’d say “The Road to Adventure.” Alliance Data, a leading credit card issuer, asked us to capture that feeling for their co-brand partners, the Good Sam Club and Camping World. Here’s how Shamlian Creative’s two decades of card design experience produced a standout image for RV enthusiasts.

The partners wanted a design that would speak to both older and younger RV enthusiasts. The challenge was to create an image without showing (a) people or (b) an RV.

Initially, our goal was to celebrate camping. To start a dialogue, we shared a mood board of photos: campfires, trail signs, pristine wilderness. But the more we read about the 1,500 Good Sam Club chapters and Camping World’s success as the leading RV retailer, the more we realized that this card was all about the journey.

We looked at thousands of majestic vistas featuring the wide open road – including Camping World’s own vast image library. Over a series of rounds, we shared designs created with select photos, conceptual ideas, and even scenics illustrated by Shamlian’s senior designer, Josh Phillips. Right away, Josh’s art struck a chord. Still, we continued to refine both our illustrations and their favorite photos. To ensure that partner logos and key details made an impact, we composited our own photos, artfully positioning mountains, lakes, highways and sunsets amidst the clutter of the smart chip, Visa symbol and embossing.

In the end, the partners selected our illustration as the image that would delight all their members as they travel their road to adventure.

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