What entices someone with a pocketful of credit cards to use yours? A card that makes the brand, and the cardmember, feel special.

The card as a sensory experience.

Transforming a slim rectangle of plastic into a sophisticated brand experience means going beyond strong photos and design to create cards that look and feel like distinctive objects. The competition among issuers for the top tier of the market has led us ever deeper into the technologies that produce true objects of desire. By combining our strengths in photo-realistic illustration and production expertise in special inks, foils and finishes, every detail of our work contributes to creating a unique conversation piece.


Southwest Airlines Visa Cards

Chase Bank

“Can your team deliver a set of cutting-edge sample plastics in 10 days?”

Producing challenging samples on press typically takes 6-10 weeks. Shamlian explored the full range of production techniques and delivered the series in record time, at sizeable savings. Along the way, we contributed multiple design variations – including the first 3 cards shown above.

In the finished samples, the planes almost appear to fly across the card. Fine lines of pure foil peek through to add drama. Colored core plastics give the cards a distinctive edge that stands out in a wallet. Each sample accurately reflects how the printed cards will look and feel, so Southwest could make well-informed choices for their new card series.


Home Depot MasterCard Series


Citibank and The Home Depot requested two new card series for consumers and contractors that would increase acquisition, loyalty and usage.

The Contractor Series includes eye-catching concepts, such as a card that incorporates a translucent ruler, and another that simulates the realistic chrome finish of a contractor’s tool box. By printing over full foil and adding added a raised varnish, the pattern came to life.


The Marriott Visa Signature Cards

Chase Bank

To impress Marriott’s most valued customers, Chase requested a premium product that “plays well in the business travel space – simple and clean, with depth and a touch of bling.”

Style, texture and surface were our focus as we sought to distill the Marriott brand. The Shamlian team considered every detail which could elevate the cardholder’s sense of status: Depth. Orientation. Shape. Even the edge of the card.

The final mock-ups demonstrated a considerable range of production techniques. Watching the Chase team as they experienced the cards – feeling the textures, or rotating the cards to catch the light – expressed all the excitement of a day at Tiffany’s – just the response we hoped for.

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